Our Products: DEIL- Energy Management

GE AIR circuit-breaker (EntelliGuardTMG)

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• Uncompromising, Fast and Selective 

• Built in Electronic Trip Unit

• Meeting IEC, Lloyds Register, ANSI & UL standards

• Ample space for Termination

• Easy Installation

GE BBT System

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• KEMA Type Tested

• Consistent Strength and High Short Ckt. Current

• Thermal Sticker Allows Visibility of Temp. Rise

• Allows flexibility during installation

GE Dry Type Transformer

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• The cast coil transformer is a low-noise, low-loss, cast resin dry-type transformer. 

• HT and LT are reinforced by glass-fiber and then cast with resin under vacuum.

• Type Tested

PROLEC GE Transformer

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• Reliable in operation

• Meet applicable IS / IEC/ANSI / IEEE standards.

• Type Tested

• Remote Monitor & Instant Diagnostics (Optional)

• Solution for online monitoring with Dissolve Gas Analyzer


GE Transformer Monitoring solutions (DGA)

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• Online or offline Transformer Monitoring

• Monitor the asset and enable customers to avoid unplanned outages and failures,

• Remote Monitor & Instant Diagnostics

GE Automatic Voltage Regulator

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• Best in class Load Tap Changer (LTC) switch, with proven 2 million mechanical operations

• Built in internal arrester provides less stress to the coil under lightning/impulse surge events

• Fully complies with ANSI requirements and IEEE standards

• Design validated by KEMA to adhere to the latest IEEE C57.15-2009 standards

Control and Protection (GE Multilin RELAY)

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The Multilin™ line of power system protection and management solutions ensure dependable and safe power worldwide.

Substation Automation System

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GE's solutions feature integrated acquisition and management of non- operational data, alongside unsurpassed engineering and design knowledge.


Substation Automation Projects


Remote Terminal Units

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