GE Marine Engine Model: V228

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V228 Diesel Engines

GE’s V228 marine diesel engine series are designed and built for rigorous marine applications.  They are amongst the most reliable and fuel efficient,  high-compression, four-stroke, medium-speed, turbocharged, and electronically fuel injected engines in their class.  With more than 150 million hours of service, they are amongst the most reliable and fuel-efficient engines in their class.  Looking for reliable, continuous, efficient power from 1045 kW to 3060 kW with operating costs among the lowest in their class?  Then learn more about GE’s V228 series engines.


GE Locomotive, Model: Next fuel 3000

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GE Transportation's new Next Fuel (TM) Natural Gas Retrofit Kits enable existing Evolution Series locomotives to operate with dual fuel capabilities. This gives railroads flexibility to run on both diesel fuel and liquid natural gas (LNG) with up to 80 percent gas substitution as well as run 100 percent diesel. GE's Next Fuel kits allow railroads to use natural gas as a fuel source, reducing emissions and potentially reducing fuel costs by 50 percent while not compromising performance.

GE 616 Diesel Generator

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The 2.5 MW 616 diesel engine has been designed for higher efficiency, more reliability and technology excellence. The 616 genset is with lower fuel consumption, high power density and long overhaul intervals. It has capabilities for customers seeking more reliable and efficient electrical generation capabilities.