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Champion Spark Plug

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Champion spark plug of Federal Mogul-USA. Car, Jeeps, Van, Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers etc. Commercial vehicles, trailer etc as well as Industrial engine spark plug.

Compact Brake Pad

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Discovering the moderate capability in braking with nano technology and certifies for efficient braking performance. Resulting an improved competence and refining your comfortableness and enjoyableness in the vogue.  Prospers and extends your caring to the beloved ones.

Brake Shoe

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Break shoe for Wave, Dream and CG125.


1. Made from high quality of Aluminum

2. Friction strong

3. Low dust and Noiseless

4. Protection rust by Color electroplated

5. Operate smoothly and will not damage the wheel hub.

Max Oil Filter

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Max filter of Max filtration Limited. Thailand

Seger Horn

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Available in high and low tone and in 12V and 24V options, 45C large disc horn can be applied to any commercial, agriculture and military vehicle.