A.K.M. Oil & Energy Industries Ltd.

This project of Dana Group is going to set up a Tyre Pyrolysis Plant.

Machinery/Equipments are in the process of importation from Germany & China. The initial capacity of the project will produce 10.0 M. Ton of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) per Batch, which will be used in Boilers and HFO Equipments engaged in Power Generation. A. K. M. Oil has made a plan of operating 2 Batch per 36 hours.Emmission Control/Pollution Control can be done by modern methodology of making a small house near the Carbon Black discharging site and the discharging screw will be cemented to the small house thus Carbon Black will not fly out in the sky.

Moreover, non condensing gas escape pipes height should be higher than the platform around 10 meter higher than the buildings.It is therefore pollution control is easier to manage.